Movement disorder such as Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease require professional neurological care and that is exactly what one should get. Neurologists who specialize in movement disorders can help.

Though there is not any cure for movement disorders as such, there are treatments that can alleviate symptoms. The symptoms of movement disorders are the most distressing part of the diseases. That is where South Florida Neurologists come in to help.

Parkinson’s disease has no known cause or cure but there are methods of treatment to extend life and ease symptoms. There is no formal way to test for the condition but a variety of tests can be done to rule out other conditions.

When a neurologist specializing in movement disorders does an assessment of a patient over time, they can tell if that patient has developed the disease or not. Since there is no formal test, this requires a variety of tests to determine if one has the disease or not.

When someone does have it, the very early stages usually do not require treatment. At a certain point, medications can be used to help significantly. Eventually, the medications do not work anymore and other methods such as surgery need to be employed.

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Huntington’s disease, also known as Huntington’s Chorea, is a genetic disease passed on by relatives and there is no known cure. Medications can be used to help but it is a progressive, degenerative disorder that eventually leads to death.

While these things may seem grim, they are a reality and, with the help of a good neurologist, treatments can be taken under way to make life better. That means regular doctor visits and compliance with the medications prescribed.

If you think you are having such neurological problems, you will need to make an appointment with a good neurologist as soon as possible so you can go in to get screened.