You do not get a second set of teeth, at least not real ones. You must protect the teeth that you now have if you want to maintain that beautiful smile for a lifetime. Your pearly whites need care and protection. It is up to you to take care of your teeth. Although we all know that brushing and flossing are important to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best, that is only the start of ways to keep them healthy.

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What type of foods do you eat during the day? The old saying you are what you eat is very true. If you eat a lot of sweets and junk foods, you put the teeth at-risk for cavities. It also depletes the health of the teeth as it breaks down the enamel. When you are hungry, choose the best foods. Even healthy snacks are out there to choose to eat.  Water is the best drink of choice. Sugary sodas and juices are just as harmful to the teeth as foods.

Make regular visits to the dentist.  Babies as young as six months old need to go to the dentist. It is recommended that you visit the dentist once every six months for a checkup and a cleaning. It only takes an hour of your time to prevent many common dental problems that affect your smile and oral health. Isn’t it worth this short amount of time to visit the Dentist lakeview chicago?

Do not risk losing the smile that you love because you are not properly caring for the teeth and the mouth. It is easy to protect your teeth and ensure proper oral health when you use the tips above. Isn’t it worth the small amount of effort to protect your teeth?