Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and it is an embarrassing topic to discuss so most men do not talk about it. There are ways to take care of the problem and there are causes that can be identified so that the root cause of the erectile dysfunction can be pinpointed.

In a variety of cases, there is no known cause and that is when medications are used for Treating ED. There are also platelet rich plasma treatments which can work. One thing that is often not considered right away is low testosterone.

When the male hormone testosterone is low, there will be a lack of energy and motivation, depression, irritability, heart problems, low stamina, low sexual arousal, and lack of sex drive. You can have your testosterone levels checked by a doctor to determine if that is an issue.

Erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone is common in men over the age of thirty to thirty-five. That means you are experiencing something known as andropause and the levels of the hormone will just continue to drop thereafter.

Treating ED

Since this can really compromise your life and lifestyle, it is wise to get some help as soon as possible. Usually, the hormone is supplemented by topical creams or gels and even by injection. You cannot take testosterone orally because it does not work.

Instead, the injections are very effective and you would have to take them for the rest of your life in order to bring about the health that you want. Erectile dysfunction should disappear once the levels get back to normal, healthy levels.

If the condition is not due to low testosterone, there are still other novel treatments that you should look into. Some of the best men’s clinics offer a variety of different treatment approaches so that you do have options to have a healthy sex life once again.